Antenna Analyzer On the Way

My 80m off-centre-fed dipole antenna has been up for a few days now.  It’s up but I’m sort of shooting blind when it comes to knowing if I’ve got it right.  I hate shooting blind.  I had to make some educated guesses when building it, and with an off-centre-fed dipole you have not just the length but the feed point and balun to get right.

So, I’ve been looking at different antenna analyzer options.  Most are pretty expensive.  One that is both less expensive and which also seems to have a lot of promise not just as an analyzer, but as a general purpose piece of test equipment is the Fox Delta AAZ-0616 Antenna Analyzer.  I have high hopes for its use as a sweep generator, and maybe (perhaps with a pair of them) as a poor man’s spectrum analyzer.

Mine is on order.  More to come!

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